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Dynamobel furnished Burginvest’s offices (Steigereiland, Amsterdam)

By AdminBlogDM on 7 May, 2012 in Projects
Dynamobel headquarters in the Netherlands is in Amsterdam in the building of Burginvest Steigereiland. Here are 14 companies among which are Architectenweb and the Materia Inspiration Centre, both furnished by Dynamobel.
The biggest website for architects of the Netherlands, based in Amsterdam, chose to furnish it’s total new office completely with Dynamobel products.
Materia Inspiration Centre
With a total area of 1400 m² the Materia Inspiration Centre (Amsterdam) offers a big range of material samples selected from Materia’s independent material collection. On top of this, Materia organizes thematic exhibitions and open their Materia Book Library for Architects.Open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Amsterdam (entrance is free) get inspired! In addition, Dynamobel furnished rooms to collective meetings. Their tenants could use a meetingroom (general use) that would be inviting as well as inspiring to them and their visitors. From now on people are free to use this beautiful meetingroom with Dynamobel products Neta tables and Dis chairs.


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