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Dynamobel furnishes Arriaga Asociados headquarters.

By AdminBlogDM on 15 December, 2015 in Projects

This great company started out life in the family home of the man who, alongside his wife, founded it in Nueno (Huesca) in October 2011. Arriaga took on its first 10 employees in 2012 and continued to expand until it reached the more-than-400 workers it now employs.

The company has not ceased to grow year after year and has now notched up more than 3,200 sentences and claims worth more than €800 million. It is considered the bank-claim law firm par excellence, specialising in areas of banking and financial law, and providing expert counselling and legal defence for companies and private individuals through its enthusiastic, dedicated team of professionals.

Arriaga Asociados’ work philosophy is based on direct involvement with its customers and results-based fees.

Oficinas centrales Arriaga Asociados

Based in the emblematic Eurocentro building in the heart of Madrid’s financial district, it has modern premises covering almost 3,000 m2 designed to provide its customers and employees with the best possible service.

Oficinas centrales Arriaga Asociados

350 workstations were installed in 2 phases. The first phase, which involved the installations on the 5th and 11th floors, was completed in September 2015 and the second phase concluded in November with the installation on the 6th floor and the redesign of the 11th.

The firm’s Management and employees were greatly involved in the design of the work areas and, beyond the actual design itself, the result manages to create an environment which:

  1. Reflects, projects and boosts the CHARACTER OF THE COMPANY (Mission, Vision and Values)
  2. Aids IMPLEMENTATION of its HR policies
  3. Reinforces its STRATEGY objectives
  4. Organises and structures INTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS
  5. Enhances and boosts internal COMMUNICATION
  6. Facilitates organisational COHERENCE
  7. Encourages social interaction

Oficinas centrales Arriaga Asociados

Some of the features which reflect this idea include:

  • Open work areas which facilitate internal communication and knowledge sharing, with work groups formed by 4/6-person Clic workstations with drawer units and Slat C operator chairs. These are located in perimeter areas with natural light and in offices and communal areas (photocopying, lavatories…) in the central area.
  • Informal work areas and rooms (no booking required) for quick meetings, thereby avoiding “corridor meetings” and telephone conversations which may disturb other employees.
  • Multiples Phone Booths which allow employees to perform work which requires concentration or make long calls, equipped with Tec desks and Slat4C chairs.
  • Shared offices with the Tec programme. The Managers are posted alongside their work teams.
  • Lockers instead of drawer units, minimising the accumulation of personal belongings and facilitating mobility, using the Plenum range with the corporate colours on doors.
  • Policy of totally clearing work stations at the end of day (no paper or computers), thereby optimising cleaning times.
  • Distribution of departments taking the levels of noise they produce into account.
  • The reception and waiting area for clients is equipped with a made-to-measure counter, Inclass sofas, tall and low round Sol tables with Pedralli stools and chairs.
  • The canteen area for employees is a great place for strengthening personal relationships between team members beyond the professional sphere. It is furnished with Clic tables and Trazo chairs.

Oficinas centrales Arriaga Asociados

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