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Bayer CropScience, extremely high 1:10 partitioning.

By AdminBlogDM on 11 February, 2016 in Projects

Bayer has moved the logistics and service centre for Spain and Portugal belonging to its horticultural seed division Bayer CropScience to El Ejido (Almeria) in order to “strengthen” its commitment to “its horticultural seed business unit and the Andalusian market”. This division is responsible for all the improvement and marketing work for the horticultural seeds sold worldwide under the Nunhems® brand.


The project in detail.

The firm has moved into a new open-plan building with ceilings 7 metres high. The company wanted to compartmentalise its office space with 2.7m-high demountable partitions, thereby proposing a solution which, while not unknown to us, was, to say the least, far from habitual, the floor space covering an area of almost 900 m2.



The situation is not unlike that of cabins erected in industrial environments, although these are generally installed on a far smaller scale.



A combination of blind, double-glazed and centred-pane 1:10 partitions was chosen for the project. Part of the ceiling was also by Dynamobel. A total of 750 m2 of partitioning and 250 m2 of ceiling.



From El Ejido to Paterna.

The customer was so satisfied that not long after distributing its offices in Almeria, it decided that the 1:10 partition should also be used at its administrative headquarters in Paterna. The height of the installation in Paterna was more conventional and the ceiling was already in place. 550m2 of partitioning for managerial areas and offices, with a surface finish consisting or 3m-long horizontal wooden slats to lend an extra touch of distinction to the 1:10 partition in the more public areas.


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