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By AdminBlogDM on 30 May, 2012 in Chairs, Product

Before getting down to designing this chair, it was clear that all our efforts should be aimed at creating a new concept. The end result is Slat16, a different kind of eco-friendly chair, characterised by the idea behind and design of its backrest, the distinguishing feature that adds value and personality to the whole piece.

The operator version of the chair with upholstered backrest is, in essence, the finest example from this programme. The 16 slats that make up the chair act as support for the upholstery and provide extra comfort thanks to their independent flexibility. The chief virtue of this model is that we have managed to achieve everything by applying the fabric straight onto the slats without having to inject polyurethane foam.

The most outstanding part of the chair, the backrest, is a quick-to-assemble, single-component structure. This makes recycling and on-site reupholstering easier, both environmentally friendly factors given that they help cut down on production and transportation times.

Adjustable lumbar support is a standard feature on the Slat16 chair. How the system works depends on the type of backrest. In the case of upholstered backrests, the lumbar region is adjusted via a patented system called “T-Slat” which stops the slats from bending. The system is operated independently by two handles, the greatest rigidity being provided when they are positioned in parallel. When the chair has a mesh backrest, the lumbar support consists of four slats that move up and down as one.


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