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Cell Programme by Dynamobel. A collaborative work system that connects talent.

By AdminBlogDM on 21 October, 2016 in News

The way in which work is conducted in offices has changed significantly over the last quarter of a century. The evolution of office equipment and space optimisation have played key roles in all the changes witnessed. The bench-style layouts of the last decade have now inspired new, more collaborative approaches to work and these, in turn, are forcing changes towards designs which offer greater freedom within the office.

Evolución en el mundo de la oficina.

Evolution of the concept of office work.

Dynamobel, forever with its finger on the pulse of such developments, has developed a new office furniture programme called “Cell” which corrects the shortfalls of the “bench” concept and boosts more organic networks within the office space, encouraging inspiration and collaboration among its members.



The old pyramidal organisational model that hindered interaction between all the talent in the organisation is a thing of the past.




Cell doble en plató.

The current trend is to view office workers as independent “cells” who are free to come and go, and are just as likely to work alone as they are as part of a team with others operating in their own immediate environment or at remote locations with the aid of new technologies.

Cell. Flujo de trabajo

This new way of working is not incompatible with one of the chief requirements of the office environment: the need for privacy. Although there is an evident need for the members of a team to interact, certain tasks call for more private spaces and ones in which it is easier to concentrate.

Cell. Mesa con panel.

In response to this need, Cell includes screens which can partially or totally separate work stations to create small, more isolated areas.

Cell & Viva en plató.

If there is a need for even greater privacy or areas for group discussion, then Cell can incorporate the Viva programme, the distinctive functional solution developed by Dynamobel for collaborative offices which provides for meeting spaces within the same environment without the need to resort to the typical room partitioned off from the rest of the workplace.

Cell & Viva completo.

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