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1:10 Consolidation in the Market

By AdminBlogDM on 14 October, 2014 in News

1:10 Consolidation in the market.

Both small and large customers opt for this model of partition.


The technical-demountable and highly configurable 1:10 partition has consolidated its position as the Dynamobel partition system of choice. The market has recognised its differential value and all customers who seek added value opt for this solution. The choice of this high standard product is no longer exclusive to the large accounts. This is shown by the order book, where the profile of the customer is the most heterogeneous but with a common thread: the commitment to design and quality.

The complexity of the programme has made industrialisation difficult, but the engineering effort combined with the development of the configurator has enabled the product to become a highly configurable standard.

Here we’ll show you some examples of recently installed projects:





Leha, an Austrian manufacturer of blinds and curtains, has new headquarters, a complex that houses offices and a conference centre. Dynamobel in collaboration with Werkschau, has been commissioned to assemble the conference floor with the 1:10 partition. The images show the partition with double-glazed modules along with mixed modules with a wood finish, a finish that is in harmony with the rest of the environment and guarantees excellent acoustic insulation.




Abengoa is an international company originally based in Seville and specialising in the sectors of energy and the environment, whose business operations involve the activities of engineering and construction, concession-type infrastructure and industrial production.
It currently has headquarters in both Seville (Palmas Altas) and Madrid (Castellana 43). In this last building we have just installed all the partitions and linings with our 1:10 screen, a total of approximately 1,500 m2 of screens which includes blind metal partitions, 6+6 double glazing and around 500 m2 with metal lining.



The Universidad Loyola Andalucía has two campuses: Seville Palmas Altas and Cordoba ETEA. In the Seville Palmas Altas Campus, Loyola Andalusia has two of the seven buildings of the complex belonging to the company Abengoa, occupying a total area of 16,300 square metres. Designed by the Richard Rogers team of architects, and awarded the Pritzker Prize for its design, construction and standards of sustainability, Palmas Altas has received LEED Platinum certification, created by the U.S. Green Building Council, which is the highest in its category.

Dynamobel’s intervention in Loyola in the area of partitions has been carried out with a version of the 1:10 which has been “enhanced” at the customer’s request. This involves blind 900 module metal panels, partially micro-perforated halfway up, to achieve better acoustic absorption and with a sound insulation index of 53 dB. The classroom doors, also of metal, have a vertical window of 240×2250 to detect human presence and are equipped with a sealing device both at the top and at ground level to enhance the acoustic insulation.

The rest of the partition is 6+6 double glazing, as can be seen in the picture above, with metal doors that have a service module with an anodised aluminium finish.


Due to the configuration of the classrooms, the furniture installed by Dynamobel required a made-to-measure design process for all the desks, given that the radius varies with the distance from the centre of the room. All of the desks, for both teachers and students, are set up to receive electrical installations.





IFR Group is a company that was created in 1985 with the aim of providing services in consulting, development and implementation of enterprise software. With offices in Madrid, Barcelona and headquarters in Lleida, it has a Software Factory in which development engineers carry out projects based on Microsoft Dynamics solutions for implementation in the businesses of their customers.

Antana was the company responsible for the comprehensive reform of the offices in Núñez de Balboa street in Madrid, where a mixed installation of 1:10 and Quo, along with elements of carpentry, has been carried out. In these pictures you can see the glass partition, with Quo skirting board and coping, together with rooms, which required better sound insulation, with a double-glazed 1:10 partition.





Aprompsi is a provincial association whose mission is to meet the needs of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, ensuring that they achieve the levels of happiness to which they are entitled in a caring society. It has collaboration agreements with the Regional Government of Andalusia through its Ministry of Equality, Health and Social Policy.
The new headquarters is located in Jaén, and Dynamobel has actively participated with the installation of the 1:10 system in the office space of the building, involving the installation of double-glazed modules and blind modules with 257 mm horizontal slats with a PVC finish. All of the doors are double glazed.


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